Sunday, September 30, 2007


So. It's over. Done. No more! Until next year anyway, but still. I can breathe!

The show went well. Only one hiccup, but it wasn't my fault so I'm not going to worry about it. I am SOOOO glad to be home. My week from, well you know what, started last Saturday when I flew from Kansas City to Phoenix. I met my comrades in arms at the hotel. These guys are the best. They make sure everything works and they do a wonderful job of it. If I need anything, they hop to it and make sure it gets done. They handle all the technical aspects of the show, the internet, AV issues, etc. Anyway, so we arrive on Saturday afternoon and get to the hotel. It's just gorgeous for Phoenix.

Yes, I know it's cloudy, and no it didn't rain. Anyway, Saturday evening was just a quick dinner at the Satisfied Frog. And no, I am not kidding.

So on Sunday, it was running around like mad getting all the supplies we would need. Things like Office supplies, etc. Leif's girlfriend, Paula, who was just awesome. She went out and dropped my graphics off at Fed Ex for me and did a wonderful job! She also cooked dinner for us!!! In fact, we only ate out two nights the whole trip! Between Paula and Bob (my logistics man. Bob makes my life so easy while I'm working these shows.)

Monday was more set up, along with Tuesday. Tuesday was so hilarious. One of my exhibitors sponsored a special area of the show and were trying to hang some signage in the room. Only problem was, there was no hammer. So the awesome banquets guys said, well we don't have a hammer, but we have a rock! So they hung the sign with some nails and, yes, a rock.

So anyway. The actual show consisted of 4 days. One pre-conference day, one tutorial day, during which the exhibits opened, and open reception for the exhibits (see below).

Followed by one and a half days of "conference." My main job consisted of running the registration desk, and making sure all rooms were set up right, speakers had all that they needed, and even that they showed up, exhibitors had all they needed, finding the right people when things broke and just making sure all activities went off as planned.

I'll post for you on my facebook sight, if you are interested, just some gorgeous nature shots from the resort. Just to give you a teaser:

I have no idea how to link you to my facebook sight. Hopefully you can find it! :)
And then home on Saturday again. And guess what, I get home and Andrew's not home! How rude! I'm gone for an entire week and he's not even home to greet me. The nerve! :) No really, he also had a trip to take, but his took him to Minnesota for a church meeting. Should be home later today, yay!

So anyway, I am going to go eat my dinner. Meatballs. Yum!

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