Monday, March 30, 2015

Life with him

Is never dull.  He was born a firecracker, and I swear he should be a redhead with that temper of his.  I'm always at a loss how to handle the full blown tantrums that can last for hours and no amount of redirection will help.  It seems like after all this time of still not getting what he wants, he'd have figured out the tantrums just aren't working and move on.

But, I digress.  For even though he can be hard to handle, he is something else.  His personality is vibrant, like his sister, but in an entirely different way.  His is more quiet and more apparent in his expressions than in his actions.

As much as it annoys me, I love how he is so enamored with the tape measure, and always insists on holding it.  He walks around the room declaring things "oh just so big!"  or "so tall!"  He measures the table, his truck, himself, the room.

Today, he took his Handy Manny tools and attempted to "fix" the lamp.

Thankfully, no harm came to the lamp....or to him.

Is it because he's a boy?  Or because of DNA?  I don't know.  All I know is I've learned I can not trust him.  If he is quiet, most likely it's not because he's sitting quietly in his room.  Reading a book.  Or watching a movie.  Or playing with his toys.

No.  It's likely because he's gotten into something he shouldn't.  And is enjoying himself before he gets caught.  I have no pictures of his antics, because even my hobby does not come above ensuring his safety and I don't want him to come up with the idea that he will get some attention from me by doing these things.  Like climbing on the counter to get the scissors.  Or into the shower to get the shower cleaner.  Or onto the bookshelf to get to his pictures.  Or the toy that was recently taken away.

But when he insists on wearing his shoes to bed, since all reindeers wear shoes on their hands.

Or run around in a batman cape.

In your diaper.  Because for some reason he's decided that big boys don't use potty's.  But prefer the convenience (and stink) of sitting in his diaper.  To the point of epic tantrum if you try to change him or even suggest that he use the potty.

Or flash those silly faces.

Life with you, baby boy.  Is never dull.

 And oh so full of joy.

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