Monday, February 17, 2014

Letters to our Daughters - February 17, 2014

Dear E,

It's been a rather eventful month.

But a long time coming.  I was so afraid to cut those curls.  I was so jealous of them.

But you hated having your hair brushed.  Or washed.  Or put in "pretty bows."  The ends were so tangled and dry and dead.

So we had to do something.

You now truly "look" like the "big" girl you are becoming.

PS...I love that you are hamming it up for the camera now.  You seem to be basking in the attention of being in front of the lens and that sure does make me happy lol.

Be sure to check out Jessica's letter here. 


mindy b. said...

I know the feeling of cutting such beautiful hair ... it's harder on us mamas than our girls! She's adorable with her new hair cut - and such a sweet memory captured this month! :)

AZPartyMamma said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my daughters hair. We have done the cop a few times. Her haircut looks great.

Lasher said...

Cute pics! My daughter cut her own. So it's good that you did it first lol.