Wednesday, June 19, 2013

18 months later (and then some)

It seems like just yesterday that you entered this world and made your presence QUITE known.  You may not have been as dramatic as your sister but you sure weren't quiet.

Oh how we fought in the beginning.  You always knew just what you wanted and who you wanted it from.   I didn't understand or appreciate that side of you being so independent myself and wanting my child to be independent as well.   You just knew you wanted your momma and you wanted to make sure I knew it.

Those very things that caused us to be such adversaries in the beginning are just what endears you to me now.

I love how I can ask you for a hug and you run to my arms and throw yours around my neck.

I love how I can ask you for a kiss and you smack a big wide open wet one right on my lips.

I love how you call out just for a glimpse of me or just to give me a smile.

I love how the moment I sit on the floor to play with you, you drop everything just to come sit in my lap.  And lay your head back on my shoulder.

I even love (in some ways anyway) how you just want me to stand in the room with you until you fall asleep.  How just my presence somehow gives you peace.

At 18 months you finally weigh about the same as your sister.  28 lb 1 oz, 34 3/4 inches tall.  You run with your arms at your shoulders.  You giggle at just about anything.  You say mama, dada, ball, truck, car, dog, block, water, hot dog.  You grab our hand and pull us to the item you desire.  You constantly put your cars into the ball popper and then come to us with tears sheening in your eyes and point to the cars and beg for us to get them back out.

My baby you will always be.  Somehow, it will be harder to let you go to school.  You have so endeared yourself to me in a way I didn't know you could.

Love you baby boy.

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