Sunday, March 18, 2012

And now..the update!

First off, thank you to everyone who messaged me and commented about my vent last week. The thing I love about blogging is it is my release, almost an online diary. It also makes a great baby book! :)

So here is where I stand. I'm dropping the middle of the night pump. If my supply suffers, it suffers. Aidan will just get formula overnight anyway as it's faster to prepare and I can get back to bed faster. I'll continue to pump definitely until I return to work. At that point, I'll decide if I will even continue those. He will be fed as much breastmilk as I can give him and once I decide to stop pumping totally, I'll start digging into the stash in the freezer that I've actually been able to accumulate. What a difference from Elisa where I had to dig into the NICU stash just on a daily basis to make sure she had enough. Just wish this weren't so draining on me. But I do need to follow the advice I've given others many times and others have also given me. Happy mom=happy baby.

Onto other news.

Mr. Aidan is three months old and as of the first of this month weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs! He will get weighed again tomorrow and I'm kinda excited to see what he is then. He's currently in ANOTHER growth spurt. Seriously, this kid grows a mile a minute! He is so LONG even, his head towers over my shoulder and his feet are well below my waist when we are cuddling before bed. And his colic is basically GONE. It's so nice to have this happy, chatty, smiley baby instead of the constantly screaming one.

We are seeing more of his personality now as well. And all I have to say is we thought Elisa was opinionated and stubborn. Yeah, I'm beginning to think that she will have NOTHING on Aidan. He knows what he wants and when he wants it and boy if you don't get it to him the very second the desire enters his head, beWARE. Temper tantrums already and he's not even 4 months old! This wouldn't be as much of a problem if he were better at telling us what it IS he wants. He's very bad at cuing...or else I'm just very bad at figuring out his cues. I've figured out his eat and sleep ones...only problem is they are EXACTLY THE SAME. So, when he cues on that I just have to keep throwing one of them at him until it sticks. The problem here comes in that, how I said above if we don't react fast enough, he gets so mad that he fights BOTH that I'm throwing at him. It ends up taking about 20 minutes to get him calm enough to accept one or the other and then we are off. But man, those 20 minutes are, well, fun.

And not only that, but the kid just HAS to be different. You know, that thing called tummy time? Yeah, well, don't expect that to happen in THIS household. Oh no. You put the boy on his belly and all he does is arch his back and put his hands and feet in the air and scream until you flip him back over. Put him on his back?

Yup. He's flinging his little shoulders and hips around. I swear he's going to roll back to belly before belly to back. Not only that, but he's wanting to be in his bumbo and the johnny jump up already?! And can even manage to "jump" a bit in the jumper.

Elisa is all in her two year old glory. She has had a language EXPLOSION in these last few weeks. Complete and complicated sentences and can tell us exactly what she wants. Of course, the tantrum when she doesn't get it still comes but at least we know what she's wanting now.

Conversation is constant in our household now. Elisa likes to ask us what something is, and when we tell her, insist we are WRONG and it's actually THIS. Just the other day, she asked me what I was drinking. It happened to be orange juice. So I told her "orange juice." She grinned at me and declared, "That's not orange juice! That's orange juice!" You can't help but laugh at her cute little voice, even when she is in the midst of a tantrum.

Life will find a new rhythm. I've not seen it yet...but I know it's coming. Probably returning to work will be the best thing for me emotionally, as I'll get that routine back that I crave.

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Beth said...

Good job coming to your own conclusion or decision. You are doing an amazing job, and your children are blessed with every decision. I can't believe he is already 3 months + old!?! From counting weeks of pregnancy, to days of colic now he is months old :)