Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!

Yeah, so I know it's been a while. And I realize I've fallen down on updating this blog again. But hey, sometimes it's just hard coming up with content!

So here's to a happy 2009. Andrew and I are just enjoying our final day of break. Well, Andrew's last day was Thursday, as he had a teachers in service day on Friday, but it's my final day of break. We are getting ready to start the whole race of work/life balance again come morning. I pray we do better at it this year!

Our break was excellent. We didn't do much, really. The standard catching up on those household tasks that you just never have the time for regularly (cleaning out the fridge, stove, fixing minor issues on vehicles, etc) and a trip up to Iowa for Christmas. Oh, and sleeping in. Regularly. I think the earliest we got up was 8:30! Ouch, that 6 am is going to hurt tomorrow.

And last, I'm never going to be able to sell my house now. I have too many custom pieces that were built by my father. For my birthday in 2006, he built an entertainment center. Christmas of 2007, he re-finished my family room. And then at our request, he built two closet doors that were custom sizes for our basement re-model (it was a fraction of the cost to have him build the doors than to actually buy doors the right size!) This year's custom piece is a fireplace mantle to go around the ventless electric fireplace we got for Christmas. It now graces the wall in our year old basement and warms up what had been an unusable freezer in the winter. We've now spent two nights down here just chilling. Well, not chilling so much any more.

Wonder what he'll build me next year?!

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