Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Orleans Volume 2

Day 2 down! Today we spent the majority of the day sanding and mudding. Our goal is to get to the priming by tomorrow so that we can begin painting before we leave! We all arrived clean and spiffy and left looking like we had massive dandruff and Pig Pen's brother/sister.

Above shows a combination of mudding and sanding! What fun!

To the right, is more mudding. The house is what is known as a double shotgun. It is a duplex with the separate houses running side by side in a long and narrow passage. They appear to be one bedroom, maybe two bedroom houses with a kitchen and living area on either side of the bedrooms. We don't know too much about the home owners yet, we haven't had a chance to meet them, unfortunately. We do hope to!

After we did as much as we could do today (we had to wait for the mud to dry before we can move onto the next step!) we decided to take a couple of the newbies on a trip of the devastated areas of the city. There is still MUCH to be done, but we were very heartened to see that many areas are starting to come back. We visited the house that we worked on last November and were thrilled to see the homeowner is finally back in the house! It just made our day! I'll post a lot of the photos on my facebook site, but here are a few:

Linda spent a good part of her day talking to clients. She talked to one lady who is back in her home, and another who is close. It's so good to see that people are putting their lives back together.

Now we are waiting rather patiently (so I say, but I know I'm not waiting patiently!) for a wondrous meal of roast beef, potatoes and yummy chocolate cake. Needless to say, we are NOT going hungry. :)

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